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Here's How You Can Work Around Those Pesky Group Email Parameters

Keith Gatling | 9 days ago

Have you ever wanted to send email to a whole bunch of people on a regular basis…without having to type all their names in all…the…time? And without constantly replying to...

reading is such a pain

Book It Any Way You Prefer

Keith Gatling | 3 months ago

Note from Communications Specialist Mark Bialczak:

Blog Library Extension Ex 2

Sign Up for Library Extension and You Can See the LPL's Book List while Shopping Amazon

Keith Gatling | 3 months ago

If you’re still using Safari or Edge as your default web browser (and please don’t tell me that you’re still using Internet Explorer…even Microsoft doesn’t use that anymore), I might’ve...

Better New Email Address

Maybe It's Time for a New Email Address

Keith Gatling | 4 months ago

Do you have internet service with TimeWarner/Spectrum? Then perhaps it’s time to get a new email address.

Oil Sticker

When Stickers Don't Stick

Keith Gatling | 4 months ago

In the upper left-hand corner of the windshield of my van are two stickers. One tells me when to come back for my next oil change and the other tells...


Where Can I Watch This?

Keith Gatling | 6 months ago

Once upon a time, back in the 20th century, there were only two places to watch the limited number of things that were out there…on TV or at the movies.

Shazam Icon

Shazam, Now You Know Who and What!

By Keith Gatling | 7 months ago


Keith Library Card Blog Art

Don't Leave Home without It

Keith Gatling | 9 months ago

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I see people here in the library who want to take something out, but don’t have their library card with them.

KiethBlog11 30C

Why Not Handle Those Gift Card Receipts with a Photo Finish?

Keith Gatling | 10 months ago

I love gift cards.

No Password Book

Here's What to Do When You Decide It's Time to Manage Your Passwords

Keith Gatling | 10 months ago

Too many passwords! Just too many darned passwords!

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