Liverpool Public Library

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Rules of Use

You must have a valid library card from any public library in Onondaga County or, if you are from out of town, a driver’s license or ID. Patrons who owe $50 or more on their library card will be limited to one 1-hour guest pass per day. In addition to these rules, your use of library computers is subject to the library's Internet Use Policy. (PDF)

Walk in or Make a Reservation

  • Reservations for PCs or Macintosh computers may be made at the Computer Signup Station or at the Computer Signup Desk, in person or by telephone. To make an advance reservation, call 315-457-0310.
  • Computer time is reserved in blocks that range from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, depending on which computer you want. At the end of the user’s appointment, additional time may be added automatically if there is no one else scheduled for that computer.
  • The Collaborative Learning Center (small meeting room) includes a computer that is available for use in the room. Reserve the Collaborative Learning Center by using the D!BS system; no additional PC reservation is necessary.
  • Total computer time is limited to 2 hours per day. Guest computer pass time is limited to 1 hour per day.
  • Reservations are held for 10 minutes. After that, computers may be automatically assigned to others.
  • Computer appointments are nontransferable.
  • Patrons may not make appointments with another person’s card for the purpose of exceeding their 3 hour daily computer use limit or for using library computers when their own card is blocked. Out-of-system patron families with only one card may make appointments for others living at the same household.
  • A maximum of two people may share a computer during an appointment. Patrons may not share a computer that is in the designated Quiet Zone.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, you may do it in person or by phone before the appointment begins.
  • The computers will automatically end all sessions five (5) minutes before the library closes. A warning is sent 10 minutes before the library closes.

Immediate Loss of Use

Viewing graphic pornography (images prohibited under New York State Penal Law) on any of the computers in a public area will result in the loss of the use of any public access computer in the library for 6 months.

Please Keep in Mind

  • Librarians are trained to provide limited start-up support only. We offer a wide variety of self-help books on our computer nonfiction shelf.
  • Liverpool Public Library is not responsible for users’ personal property.
  • No additional software may be installed on library equipment.
  • With the exception of digital cameras, flash drives, and audio/video devices using a USB cable, user-owned equipment may not be connected to library computers or the library network.
  • Computer users accessing the Internet may not install any executable files on library computers or make any attempt to interfere with other users’ access.
  • Each user is responsible for any damage to Computer equipment or materials.
  • Parents are responsible for any damage done by their children.
  • Liverpool Public Library is not responsible for damage to or loss of patron data or software resulting from use of library equipment or materials.
  • Liverpool Public Library is not responsible for computer users’ files left on library equipment.

Saving Files

The library no longer offers floppy disk drives on our computers. We strongly encourage that you store your files to a small flash drive (jump drive, pen drive). These are available in electronics or office supply stores for about $10, or may be purchased from the library.


Users are responsible for paying for all printed pages, including those with typographical errors. Users must allow ample time to print prior to the end of their scheduled appointment.

  • Black & white prints cost 10¢ per page
  • Color prints cost 50¢ per page

These rules are subject to revision at any time. Users are responsible for keeping informed of any changes to these rules.


Not all software is on every computer. If a special software application is needed, please request a computer with that software when booking appointments.

Software Piracy is a Federal Crime.

Most of the library’s software is protected under the Copyright Law of the United States of America, Title 17, U.S. Code.