Mission & Strategic Plan

The LPL's Mission:

To connect our community, engage people and inspire discovery, learning and growth.

strategic planThe LPL's Strategic Plan Encompasses

Learning & Education:

  • Position the library as a leader in learning and education in the Liverpool Central School District (LCSD) service area.
  • Align with the LCSD in support of their strategic plan.
  • Work with the school and organizations within the community to help identify and address gaps in learning and education (Birth/K–12).
  • Support lifelong learning and skills-training in adults (18 and up).

Connecting the Community:

  • Shape and lead community and civic engagement in the Liverpool Public Library service area.
  • Establish and nurture community partnerships to enable community organizations, including the library, and community members to work closer together.
  • Increase visibility and accessibility of library programs and services throughout the service area.
  • Enhance communication and outreach efforts to have a broader impact and higher visibility among library users and non-users.

Reimagining the Library:

  • Align LPL’s organizational structure and staffing to meet community needs and ensure success in the 21st Century.
  • Evaluate the library building and surrounding property against current and future needs.
  • Replicate and expand library services beyond the library building to bring the library out further into the community.

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