Crawford Walking Tour

Jasper T. "Toby" Crawford's historic walking tour of Liverpool (circa 1976)

Jasper T. Crawford was a printer, a professional photographer and a man who loved to tell the story of Liverpool. During the mid 1970s, Toby decided to photograph many of the houses of historical interest in Liverpool.

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Recreating the Walking Tour

If you are interested in experiencing the Crawford Walking Tour from start to finish, you can explore the photographs and oral history records of each street in the following order:

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2- Sycamore Street
Part 2 - Sycamore Street

part 3
Part 3 - Second Street

part 4
Part 4 - Third Street

part 5
Part 5 - Hickory & First Streets

part 6
Part 6 - Lake Shore Drive

part 7
Part 7 - Tulip Street

part 8
Part 8 - Returning to First Street

part 9
Part 9 - Heid's

part 10
Part 10 - Salina Street

part 11
Part 11 - Oswego Street

part 12
Part 12 - Returning to Second Street

View of Johnson Park and Route 370 outside the Liverpool Library. Please wait for image to load. Works best with Firefox or Safari.