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Liverpool Public Library App: Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are compatible with the Liverpool Public Library app?

The app can be downloaded and used on iOS and Android devices. Search for “Liverpool Public Library” in the Apple or Android store. 

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Look for the Liverpool Public Library logo and the developer name “OCLC Capira”. The app is free to download and use.

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How do I get started?

After downloading the free app, you’ll need to upload your library card information (barcode numbers and 4-digit pin number password). Click on the account icon at the bottom and follow on-screen directions. That’s it! 

Start searching for titles right away. Don’t have a library card? No worries, click on “Library Services” and learn how you can get a free library card quickly and easily at the Liverpool Public Library.

Why does the app require access to my camera?

The app's Mobile Checkout function uses your device camera to scan items. 

Can I check out library materials using the app?

YES! You can check out materials from our circulation collections while onsite using the Mobile Checkout in the app. To access this self-checkout feature, open the app and go to "Mobile Checkout" where a scanner will appear that you will use to scan the item you wish to check out. Be sure to scan the Liverpool Public Library barcode, and not the book’s barcode.

Mobile Checkout screenHaving problems with Mobile Checkout?

Reading the barcode can be a little tricky depending on your phone’s camera. As you are scanning, the app produces a red line across photo area. As it registers the bar code the screen will quickly brighten and snap a picture. If you are experiencing difficulty scanning a particular book, you may need to use the library’s self-checkout or check out at the Information Desk. 

Why does the app say I have a block on my account?

It may be possible that there is a block on your account. Most commonly this is due to the 3-year expiration date on Library cards. Simply confirm your ID and address with a staff member at the Information Desk and you’ll be back in business.

Why do I have to log in again to access databases?

If you are accessing the app outside the library, you will need to verify your library account again with our database vendor. If you are on library Wi-Fi, you should not need to log in again.

Can I access Hoopla and Libby through the app?

Yes! Links to Hoopla and Libby can be found under the “Search Catalogs” section. You may be asked to log in even if you are logged into your app. 

Can I register for events and classes through the app?

Yes! Simply click on “Events and Reservations” and then “Program Guide” and you’ll be linked to the online version of the program guide. Find your event, click on the title, and you can begin registering.

Are the "Hours of Operation" under "Library Info" always accurate? 

Unfortunately, not always. "Today’s Hours" displays the opening and closing times on a typical day, but does not automatically update for holiday, weather, or emergency closings. We will update the app with a pop-up alert for these atypical closings, and encourage you to double-check via the website or by phone. 

How does Mobile Printing work? 

Begin by downloading what you would like to print to your device. The Mobile Printing button in the app will activate your device’s default e-mail app and begin a new message addressed to either the black-and-white or color printer. Attach the document you wish to print to this email and send. A few minutes after you send it, you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is ready to be picked up. You can retrieve it from the printing kiosk by entering your e-mail address in the second field of the kiosk. 

How do I place a hold on an item? 

Pressing the Main Catalog button (found under Search Catalogs) will open a browser window to our search engine on Although your card information is saved in the app for mobile checkouts, you will need to log in once more to your account by using the login button on the top right. 

What if I need help downloading the app or linking it to my library card? 

Having trouble? Stop by the Information Desk or make a tech help appointment by clicking here.