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Where Can I Watch This?

by Keith Gatling | 5 years ago

37EB6AFD 71D0 4AAE 94EB FDF89DF71DE1Once upon a time, back in the 20th century, there were only two places to watch the limited number of things that were out there…on TV or at the movies. And even then, unless you lived in a place like the New York metropolitan area, with nine, count ’em, nine channels; when you watched on TV, you only had three channels to choose from…four if the wind was right.

But nowadays, with cable and satellite TV, on-demand, and all the online rental and streaming services, not only do you have almost unlimited choices of what to watch, but it can be hard to keep track of where you can watch what. Is that show or movie on Netflix, Hulu, Hoopla, available as an Amazon rental, or through some other service?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one app to rule them all, one app to tell you which of the services you subscribed to had that show available?


Well, guess what…there is! It’s called Just Watch, a service that calls itself a “streaming search engine.”

And that’s pretty much exactly what it is. Using the website at or the iOS or Android apps, it will search through all the services you’ve told it that you subscribe to, and try to find that show or movie you’re looking for. And then when you find it, clicking on it takes you right to it.

Great for cord-cutters, those people (and I’m among them) who’ve decided that they’re tired of paying exorbitant cable bills.

One important thing worth noting though…while the service itself is free, it merely tells you what’s available where, and you still have to have paid subscriptions to services like Netflix or Hulu, or have a Hoopla account through your LPL card or some other library, in order to view any of their content.

So try this out…and just watch how easy it is to find what you want to see!