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Choosing That New Smartphone Part 5: Stick to What You Know

by Keith Gatling | 4 years ago

And here’s the final piece...maybe what kind of phone you have depends on what everyone else in your family has. That’s because these are the people who, if they live nearby, will normally be your first source of tech support...especially as you get it set up.

If they all have Androids, get an Android. If they all have iPhones, get an iPhone. But...and this is an important “but”....going back to my first post on this, if you already have a bunch of Apple devices, and especially if you already have an iPad, just get an iPhone. It makes absolutely no sense for you to have two devices that work similarly, but are different enough to make you crazy. Especially when two of them are designed to work together.

When we got our youngest daughter her first smartphone, we got her a $30 Android from Tracfone, and told her that she had to earn an iPhone like the rest of us had. We quickly changed our minds on that when we realized what a pain it was for us as parents to had one kid with a phone that was different from what the other three of us had, and didn’t work with the same software and systems as the rest of us. We bought her an iPhone so that her taking so long to “earn it” wouldn’t be a hardship on us.

So what to do if you’ve got a mixed bag of phones in your family? Then it’s totally up to you. I’ve given you what I think are some pretty good guidelines, and some important things to think about; but in the end, the decision is yours.

Now go out and get that phone!