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You Can Practice for Your Online Driver's Permit Test and More with our Database

3 years ago

State officials announced on Monday, April 26, that people hoping to get their New York driver's permit can take the test online from now on. See the story from here. Yes, no more sitting at the DMV office to wait your turn with other hopeful prospective drivers.

Of course, you may want to practice before taking the online leap at the DMV site.

We've got the perfect practice location right here at

No, it's not an actual parking lot lined with orange cones.

(That could come later on in your preparation.)

DriversEdPracticeTestsOne of our databases that are free for LPL cardholders with their card number and a PIN is titled Driving Tests.

The database features practice tests set up to give you knowledge and confidence needed to get that learner's permit.

Go ahead, go from easy to hard to hardest, and end up the the exam simulator.

It will help you be ready for the real thing.