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Enjoy, learn and connect using our library databases.

What is a database?

Our databases are part of an elibrary information world where authority and trustworthiness are still guaranteed.

databasetrustGrouping by subject (business, art, American history) and/or format (journals, books, book reviews), means more relevant information and less time wasted dealing with junk. Information comes from legitimate, quality- controlled sources. 

Databases deal only with published information; that is information that originally appeared in print: magazine and journal articles, books, etc. They are more stable than the Web. Through the library’s paid access, all of this information is available to you, the user, for free.

And it's not all dry academics. This includes sites like Consumer Reports, Chilton, Ancestry and

View an alphabetical list of our online databases.

In addition,our librarians have curated a small collection of additional links in various subjects that they think you will find helpful.

Remember, while you're out on the web...

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. In fact, it’s probably a good practice to not believe anything you read or see anywhere, and certainly never from a single source. If there is a subject or controversy that interests you, dig a little deeper... or ask a librarian for assistance.