Blarney Killarney

blarneys door cropped

Blarney's front door

In the Children's Room you can visit the home of the the library's only full-time resident – Leprechaun Blarney Killarney.

How did Blarney end up living in the library? 

Blarney explains in his own words...

I am Blarney Killarney from the grand clan of Killarney Leprechauns.

A wee bit of Irish magic an' grand ol' fashioned Irish luck landed me in the Liverpool Public Library. Why might a leprechaun end up so far from Ireland?

'Tis a true tale that I tell. I was out for a stroll among the heather, when I happened along a couple of tourists. Now I have a little hobby of climbing into the backpacks of tourists because you never know what kind of interesting reading materials they might have, and I love to read. 'Twas so nice and warm inside the backpack that I found meself drifting off to sleep.

Now, leprechauns do not sleep often, but when they gets their mind set to sleeping they can sleep for days. One minute I was reading snug in the tourist's backpack, and next thing I know I'm tucked away inside the pages of a book on a sale shelf inside a library lobby.

To awake surrounded by books! What glorious fortune! 'Twas no small bit o' magic there. I no longer have to sneak into the backpacks of tourists. I have many lifetimes of reading materials here. I looked around for the best place to build my home, and noticed several nice young lassies above me, new friends, books from floor to ceiling - what better place to call home?!

So that 'tis the tale of how I, Blarney Killarney, came to live at the Liverpool Public Library.

Write to me: I'm a wee bit shy, so you will never see me, but you can visit my home located in the Children's Room of the Library and write me a letter. Please place all letters in the mailbox slot located above my front door.

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