Passport Applications

passport photoIf you are a United States citizen and do not yet possess a United States Passport Book or Passport Card, you may now apply for a passport at the Liverpool Public Library. Appointments are required.

The U.S. Passport Book is a globally accepted travel document regardless of mode of travel.

The U.S. Passport Card is a wallet-size card that can only be used for land and sea travel between the United States, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.

Appointments are required; call (315)457-0310 ext 104 to make one.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday • 9am - 4pm
Also weekends and evenings with advance notice.

For more details regarding United States passports, visit the US Department of State website.


The following documentation is required to begin the 
application process:

  • Official State-issued birth certificate (abstracts and hospital certificates are not accepted), expired United States Passport or naturalization certificate
  • State-issued photo identification
  • One check or money order for the application fee made payable to U.S. Department of State
  • A second check or money order (or cash) for the $35 execution fee, made payable to Liverpool Public Library
  • One passport photo - The Liverpool Public Library now does passport photos for $10. Any store that has a photo department does passport photos
  • Locations that take passport photos for a small fee include
    Rite-Aid:703 Old Liverpool Road • (315)451-2765 and
    Rite-Aid 7398 Oswego Road, Liverpool • (315)451-3218
  • Application forms - Available online or at the library.

Processing Times are generally 4-6 weeks for routine service, 2-3 weeks for expedited service. Check online for the most current info.

5-7 days after your application has been submitted you may check the status online.

Please visit the Department of State for information regarding applicants under the age of 16.



  • Adult Passport Book & Card • $140 plus $25 Execution Fee*
  • Adult Passport Book • $110 plus $25 Execution Fee*
  • Adult Passport Card • $30 plus $25 Execution Fee*


  • Minor Passport Book & Card • $95 plus $25 Execution Fee
  • Minor Passport Book • $80 plus $25 Execution Fee
  • Minor Passport Card • $15 plus $25 Execution Fee
  • Check or money order for the application fee is made payable to U.S. Department of State. The check or money order (or cash) for the execution fee of $25 is made payable to Liverpool Public Library.

Please note: U.S. Passport fees are standardized. Every passport acceptance agency charges a $35 execution fee. 

Additional Fees:

  • Expedite Fee (per passport) • $60
  • Overnight Delivery  • $15.45

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