Gift Shop

Gift Shop

The LPL has a Gift Shop, with plenty of items priced to please.

You can start with postcards, at just 50 cents each.  The picture side features the big quilt that’s framed on the other side of the doorway from the display, adorned with 30 squares highlighting prominent landmarks around Liverpool. You can pair that with a stylus pen that costs $2, and the recipient can put the two together for messages to send around the world: Miss you. Come visit soon.

If there’s a Dinosaur Garden lover on your list, our big “Read Together” poster with a pair of creatures reading a book about humans might be the right thing. The colorful collage sums up the mood with “Don’t Let Imagination Go Extinct,” and you can purchase it for $10.

If your target audience is more high-tech, there are ear-buds to make the most out of the sound from mobile devices for just $1, and flash drives so anyone can transfer digital files from source to source, for $9.

The “Liverpool Legends” series of DVDs is available,  the list of video titles produced about local history including “Bayberry,” “Electronics Park,” “Exploring Liverpool’s Past,” “GE Heavy Military,” “Liverpool Cemetery,” “Once Upon a Time on Old Liverpool Road,” “Onondaga Lake Park,” “Roustabouts,” “Sharon Fulmer,” “Town of Clay,” “Town of Salina, 200 Years,” “Veterans of Post 188” and “Willow Museum.” The DVDs can be purchased for $10. “Onondaga Lake Park” and “Roustabouts” also are available on Blu-Ray, for $15.

Finally, you can buy a Zippered Tote Bag for any or all of them to fit in for $7.

The merchandise can be purchased at the checkout desk. All proceeds benefit the Liverpool Public Library.