LPL cardholders can access Audiobooks for free on their electronic devices at three popular online spots.

hooplaHoopla allows streaming to your mobile devices and computers, Apple and Android, as well as Kindle tablets.

LPL cardholders are allowed seven free streams per month.

You can access Hoopla here with your LPL card and PIN.

OverdrivePosterOverDrive offers downloads to your mobile devices and computers.

Discover the details and how to use OverDrive at this link.

Research the library catalog to discover what's available to check out from OverDrive.

cloudlibrary web slider image08The Cloud Library app allows LPL cardholders easy access to a large catalog of Audiobooks.

Find out how to get and use the Cloud Library app at this link.

Browse the Cloud Library catalog to find out what's available at this link.

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