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Donation Drives

Many of DONATION DRIVES ARE SUSPENDED unless noted, please check each drive for information

bird seed

Birdseed Donations - January

Our feeder on the Dinosaur Garden lawn helps keep the Village of Liverpool’s feathered friends full come these colder months.

We’ll accept birdseed donations throughout January. We’ll take suet bells, too. Please make sure the seed and suet bells are securely packaged in a bag.

Our custodial staff will use the donated seed and bells to fill the feeder located adjacent to the Wildlife Habitat Garden on the Second Street side of the building.

Please leave your birdseed donations on the table set up for the Grab It & Go service in our underground garage.

sock donations

You can drop off your usable eyewear in the Lions Club box in the lobby. 

New Socks
We have a box for new sock donations for the Samaritan Center. 

Prom Dresses
We currently are NOT accepting prom dresses for the Liverpool High School Chapter of Becca’s Closet. They are at full capacity right now. We will post if this changes.



Drop off directly at the DiaperBank Office.

Donate disposable diapers of all sizes, in new or already opened packages for the CNY Diaper Bank, a non-profit organization that provides diapers to local families in need.

Donations can be dropped off ANYTIME in their BIG, PURPLE collection bin outside their office in Liverpool at Pioneer Warehousing and Distribution, 4645 Crossroads Park Dr, Liverpool, NY.

We are currently not accepting book donations due to Covid. Click here for places that are accepting books, info and guidelines.