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Click on the above graphic to access Freegal.    

FIVE mp3 downloads per patron per week.

  • A new look and search
  • 7 million songs and 12,000 videos
  • Please note that video downloads use 2 of your download allotment

Please see Freegal's FAQs for more info.


If you are experiencing problems downloading music from Freegal, check the issues list at the bottom of this page, and contact us if you continue to have problems. Help is also available at the Freegal FAQ page.

What is Freegal?

Freegal is a downloadable music service that provides access to millions of songs, more than 100 genres of music, over 12,000 music videos, and over 28,000 record labels including the U.S. Sony Music Entertainment Catalog. 

How do I access Freegal?

You can access Freegal with your Liverpool Public Library Card and PIN. If you do not have a PIN, please stop in at the Library and a staff member will be happy to set one up for you.

How does Freegal work?

You can download up to FIVE songs per week (Monday through Sunday). A music video counts as two songs. The songs and music videos are yours to keep. It is legal because the library pays for the service.

How do I search Freegal?

Browse by Genre, Featured Artist, Most Popular, or Newly Added; or do a keyword search at top of the home page by artist name or song title. 

How do I  download a song?

Music tracks are downloaded as DRM-free MP3 files and music videos are downloaded as DRM-free MP4 files; they can be permanently saved on your computer or portable devices. There is no need to install any software on your computer; play the songs and videos in iTunes or any other media player you like to use.

Can a song be played on portable devices?

Yes. After downloading a song, sync the portable device with your computer.

Is there a Freegal App for my mobile devices?

Yes, there are free Freegal Apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. You can use the app to select your titles every week, download the songs to your mobile device, and play them on your device via the Freegal App. See the Freegal FAQ for information on how to transfer media from the Freegal App into iTunes, using a computer. Songs and videos you have recently downloaded remain available for a brief period of time in your "My Downloads" list. If you want to enjoy a song on both your computer and your mobile device, you can download it first with the Freegal app on your mobile device, and then download it again to your computer during the current week or following week.

I've downloaded a song, but can't find it on my computer:

The downloaded songs may be automatically stored in different places, depending on the operating system you are using, the type of browser you are using, and the way your computer is configured to handle mp3 and mp4 files.

Here are some techniques that may help you locate the Freegal files you have downloaded to your computer:

  • There may be a folder on your computer called "Downloads" that contains the files you downloaded from Freegal.
  • There may be a folder on your computer called "Temporary Internet Files" that contains the files you downloaded from Freegal.
  • If you use the Firefox browser, check the settings in the Tools -> Options menu. The "General" tab shows the location that is used for saving downloaded files.
  • If your computer is set up to automatically open mp3 files in iTunes, let iTunes manage the file location for you. In order to keep the songs in iTunes after the initial download from Freegal, click the "Advanced" tab on the iTunes Edit -> Preferences menu, and check the box that says "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library".
  • Use your computer's Search capability to locate your files. For Mac computers, this is the "Spotlight" tool. On Windows PCs, look for the "Search programs and files" box when you click on the Windows Start button. A good way to search for your Freegal mp3 file is by typing in the artist's last name, or a distinctive word from the song title.
  • Note that when downloading a Freegal song using a web browser on a mobile device (such as an iPad or eReader), there is no easy way to save the mp3 file on your device. The recommended method is to download from Freegal to a computer and then transfer the mp3 file from the computer to your portable device, or use the Freegal app.

 CHECKLIST: If you are getting errors when you attempt to login to the Freegal Music web site:

First, make sure your library account is with Liverpool Public Library and that you know your correct PIN. You can confirm your library account and PIN by clicking on the "My Account" tab on the Polaris catalog page, logging in with your library card barcode and PIN, selecting "My Record" from the "My Account" menu, and checking that the page says:
"My Library: Liverpool Public Library" after you login to the Polaris catalog.

Second, make sure you are visiting the Freegal site from one of the web pages. (You can click on the Freegal image at the top of this page to get to the Freegal website.) Do not bookmark the Freegal music web site and attempt to login from a bookmark on your browser. 

Third, if you are still experiencing errors with the Freegal Authentication service, clear your browser's cache. You can find instructions online for clearing your browser's cache. You may have to close your browser and start your browser again after clearing the cache.

Still having problems? Contact the librarians and we will try to help you.