You Can Tell Us Why You Love the LPL

by Mark Bialczak | 8 days ago

Do you have any words of love for your favorite library?

Yes, Wednesday is Valentine's Day. Beyond that, we're going to put together a short list of why our patrons think we're OK in their book.

I love my Library because...There are sheets available for to write down your thoughts at the adult and children's reference desks in our main room.

As you can see, you don't have to author a long essay. We ask that you include your first name.

You'll also be able to find a post about our quest on our Facebook page.

If it's easier, click the link above and leave your message of fondness for the LPL there.

We plan to bring a list of patrons' thoughts to Albany for the New York Library Association's 2018 Advocacy Day on Feb. 28, to share with representatives who should know about these things as they make decisions that affect our community.


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