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Children's Room Welcomes All with Grow with Me Experience

3 years ago

Step into the doors of our Children's Room into a colorful world that merges exciting new learning pieces with your familiar favorites.

The new Grow with Me experience features a Pixel Wall, Crafts Table, Interactive Wall, Play Table and Literacy Ladder. They'll immerse children, families and caregivers in the various stages of learning from birth to beyond.

Wall P copy

(The Pixel Wall encourages creativity.)

You can't miss the Pixel Wall to the right of the Information Desk as you enter the room. Young ones will be drawn to the blue and yellow squares that rotate to the touch.

"They'll be able to get creative with patterns," said LPL Assistant Director Susan Reckhow, a key member of the library's first floor renovation effort.

Crafts Table copy(Sit and work on crafts here.) 

Past the Pixel Wall sits the Crafts Table, which is back-to-back with the Interactive Wall. The table has electric lines to power devices as needed, and will be used as a location for impromptu crafting.

Interactive Wall copy(Boards to create this and that.)

The Interactive Wall includes boards that can be used for magnetics. In the future, LEGO pieces and other building materials can also be worked into the boards' creative process. Bins underneath can hold the pieces to be used.

Play Table forefront Literacy Ladder behind copy(Table and ladder, working together.)

In the back part of the room, the Play Table and Literacy Ladder are meant to complement each other.

The panels on the ladder will highlight Talking Is Teaching campaigns from the Early Childhood Alliance of Onondaga as well as themes selected by LPL librarians. The Play Table will hold materials that matches the current theme, including books, manipulatives and toys. The themes will change, for example, from grocery store to bakery to post office.

"This is a cohesive area, interactive for children and families to engage," Reckhow said, "and for caregivers to realize they are their children's first and best teacher, and everyday moments are teaching moments."

This portion of the renovation was partiallly funded with $186,913 from State Aid for Library Construction Program.