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Children's Room Renovations 2021

The Final Phase of the Children’s Room Reno Has Begun 

Get Ready for Grow with Me

Update on Tuesday, July 27:

CR Work Tue July 27 copy

Shelving units have been assembled and put in their proper places in the Children's Room.

We're hoping the room is ready to reopen next week.

We're provide more updates as progress continues. 

Update on Monday, July 26:

Building Shelves AA copyWorkers began to assemble the shelving that will be used to hold materials for the Children's Room's final stage.

Buidling Shelves copyThey also moved the framework for the shelving into locations where they will sit.

Buidling Shevles2 copyWe'll provide more updates as progress continues. 

Update on Wednesday, July 21:

Into Room A

A delivery containing shelving units has been unloaded and moved into the Children's Room.

Onto dolly

The colors will soon begin to pop even more.

Tables and ChairsFurniture pieces have also been placed in the general area where they will be in use.

Bench and Chairs

There will be plenty of spots for the little ones to sit throughout the room.

Array of Stuff

We'll continue to update as more progress is made.

Update on Tuesday, July 20:

Unload Truck

We received a delivery of furniture that will be enjoyed by all in the Children's Room.

New Furniture AMovers and our custodial staffers placed it for the time being in the Carman Community Room along with stored books and materials.

On the way is new shelving. When it arrives, the furniture and books will be set up and the Children's Room will reopen.

Still to come will be the material play area equipment and a new reference desk.

Read about the exciting updates below!

The Children’s Room was temporarily closed as movers arrived the morning of Tuesday, July 6, as we conclude the renovations that began with the arrival of the bright new colors and cubby wall before the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020.

We’re waiting for the delivery of shelving and educational equipment that will elevate the experience for all. 

Movers cleared the space.

Packing Books 2 copy

They made sure books and materials are packed away and the space is ready for new things

Stuff Cleared CR copy

You’ll still be able to find some children’s materials in the interim. A selection from the collections are available in Studio @ LPL while the work is in progress. The work is expected to take a few weeks, but we will provide updates as we have them.

StudioDoor3 copy

Children, families and caregivers in the coming weeks will be able to enjoy greater ease of discovering materials and a whole new manner of immersing themselves in the stages of learning.

Get ready for the educational and fun times that will come from the weaving wall, pixel wall and a combination builders’ wall and table for crafts, games and puzzles. Changeable boards will allow for creations with magnets and more to match given themes.

This phase of the renovation is partly funded by a grant of $186,913 from the State Aid for Library Construction Program.

You'll find more updates here as the updates continue.

We’ll post more photographs and video on this page and our social media accounts as updates occur.