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Need encyclopedia, journal or newspaper articles to finish that research paper?

Need to brush up on your math or foreign language skills for that big test?

Or need to practice for the SAT or AP exams?

We have what you need!

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Analyzing great works in literature? Need biographical information on that famous author, or plot summaries of that critical work? Masterplots analyzes the most important works in all genres, including poetry, drama and nonfiction as well as fiction.This database also includes bibliographies and time lines.


Need Reader's Advisory? Want to know all the books written by your favorite author, or find similar titles? Need book discussion guides or summaries? Novelist is a great tool for picking a book for a book report.

Foreign Language



Mango Languages:

Foreign Languages include: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean. Learn English from Spanish or Mandarin.

Over 40 languages plus 15 English courses from native languages. Set up a profile to track your progress and receive email authorization for iOS and Android apps. Also available on library or home computers.
















Learning Express Library:

Social Studies Skills Improvement for Middle Schoolers- American History

U.S. History Collection:

Doing a research paper on American History? Need journals and academic articles on the American Revolution, Supreme Court or War World II? U.S. History Collection provides a well-rounded coverage of events in U.S. History.

Salem Press Decades Series & Great Events from History:

Working a project that features events of the 20th Century? Salem Press includes a decade-by-decade survey of the 20th Century. It covers events, movements, people, popular culture, literature, art, sports, science, technology, economics, and politics.

World History Collection:

Doing a research paper on the Middle Ages, or the Renaissance or even Ancient Rome? The World History Collection has many useful journal and academic articles to help you.




Learning Express Library:

Middle School Math Skills Improvements in: Algebra and Patterns, Basic Math, Data Analysis and Probability, Geometry and Measurement, California 8th Grade Mathematics Practice Test, FCAT 8th Grade Mathematics Test and TAKs Grade 8 Mathematics Practice Exam.

High School Math Skills Improvements in: Algebra, Basic Math, Data Analysis & Probability, Geometry and Measurement, Quantitative Comparison and TAKS Grade 11 Mathematics Practice Exam.

Popular Culture & Current Events




















Gender Studies Collection:

Doing a research paper or essay on topical issues like women in the work place or gay rights? The Gender Studies Collection covers many aspects of culture such as topics in gender studies, family and marital issues, health aspects and more.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context:

Research, analyze, and organize data on today's hottest social issues. Get help with writing assignments, preparing for debates, creating presentations. Opposing Viewpoints in Context ncludes pro and con viewpoint essays, primary source documents, periodical articles, maps, and more.

Popular Culture Collection:

Need to research a popular topic like Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Capital Punishment, Global Warming or Stem Cell Research? The Popular Culture Collection contains 100 popular culture subjects from Youtube, Ipads and even cyberbullying. This can be a great resource in helping select a current event topic for a project.

Popular Magazines:

Need magazine articles for that school project or just want to read the latest article in your favorite magazine? Popular Magazines includes over 600 magazine titles, including The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, Newsweek and Teen Vogue.









General Science Collection:

Writing a research paper on global warming or nanotechnology? Need academic journals or science focused magazine articles? General Science provides access to a wide range of science topics from Biology to Physics, from the Human Body to Stem Cell Research.


Learning Express Library:

Offers Biology Success in 20 Minutes a Day
Chemistry Review in 20 Minutes a Day
Chemistry Skills Improvement Practice

Test Prep.teentestprep




Learning Express Library:

ACT Preparation
AP Test Prep
CLEP preparation
CUNY Skills Assessment Tests Prep
SAT Prep
Test-Taking Skills Improvement
College Admissions Preparation

General Research Tools








General OneFile:

Cross searches many databases, topics include business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology and many general interest topics. This a good place to start when you don't know where to begin.


Full text articles for hundreds of newspapers. Great if you're doing a current event or local history project.

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