Blarney's Blog

'ello me fri'nds. 'Tis been such a grand summer here at the library. I have enjoy'd seein' all o'ye lett'rs to me. Soon school will be startin' up 'gain. I hope ye are lookin' forward to a grand school year.

Don't forg't this Thursday is the End of Summer Picnic & Games on the Lawn. 'Tis from 1-2pm fo' ages 6-11. Bring a bag lunch and the library will provide drink and dessert. I hope many o' ye will come.

Mary, the piglets are nappin' with their ma.

Cheers! Lily, Ethan, Noah, Mommy 'n Daddy. Nice to hear from ye 'gain.

Kori, yes, there be a fake panda in me 'ouse.