Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'ryone! The snow 'tis up beyond me boots! 'Tis grand to be enjoyin' me tea 'round me fireplace. Such a comfy feelin' when the snow is fallin'.

Monday is St. Patrick's Day! Me favorite time o' the year. Will ye be going to the parade on Saturday?

It looks like many of me fri'nds that wrote this week are Harry Potter fans. Thank ye fo' all of ye notes.

Bianca, I be fri'nds to all animals o' the forest, so I do not need a pet of me own. The picture ye ask'd 'bout is me fri'nd Bridget from Ireland.

'ello Payton! Thank ye fo' ye note. I do not know any mermaids. I've just read about them in books.

Cheers! Vivienne. Thank ye fo' ye note 'n cute drawin'.

Cheers! Weston. Thank ye fo' ye note.