Blarney's Blog

Top o' the mornin' to ye! The snow 'tis lov'ly to see, but 'tis cold. Brr!

'ello Sara. Someone told me that ye are being good. 'Tis grand to hear that!

Cheers! Kaitlyn. Thank ye fo' ye note.

'ello Kyler! I must say, ye stumped me with ye note written in French! Me librarian friend Stephanie helped me understand it. To answer ye questions, me favorite color is green, and I will be 135 years old this April. Thank ye fo' writin'.

Shayligh, if ye look in me 'ouse ye will see the four leaf clovers ye ask'd about.

'ello Judah! Sadly, I can'not show ye me gold or meself. 'Tis considered bad luck to do so.

Cheers! Tess. There is a chest in me 'ouse, but I keep me tools in it.

'ello Payton 'n Ozzy. What is ye pet dinosaur's name?