Blarney's Blog

Top o' the mornin' to ye! I hope all o' ye are well 'n enjoyin' the winter. I went down to the playground in the park the other day 'n had a fun time playin' on the slide. 'Twas a wee bit cold but still fun!

Thank ye to all who left me wond'rful letters in me mailbox. I always look forward to 'em.

Natalie, yes I baked the cake ye saw in me 'ouse. I love to bake, just like ye do. 'Tis quite fun.

Lizzie, Grace, 'n Mae, I be sorry but I ca'not bring ye gifts. Leprechaun law does not allow it.

'ello Brianna! I'm so glad ye visit'd the library. Thank ye fo' ye nice words 'bout me 'ouse. I take great pride in it. No need to worry about me...I have many fri'nds.

Payton, yes, the moose 'n teddy bear are great fri'nds to me. What is ye teddy bear's name?

Have a grand week ev'ryone!