Blarney's Blog

Good day ev'ryone! I hope ye are all well 'n enjoyin' ye visits to the library.'Tis been rather cold as 'o late 'n I find much comfort with me tea 'n cozy chair. 'N a good book o' course!

April, the girl in the picture in me 'ouse is me fri'nd Bridget from Ireland.

Alexander, I be so glad ye had such a wond'rful time when ye visited the library.  I hope ye will visit 'gain.

Anna, I don'not think I can find a pink dog to put in me 'ouse. 'Twas a cute idea though.

Cheers! Theo.

Georgia, thank ye fo' writin' 'gain. Always glad to hear from ye.

Logan, what a nice thing ye said that ye love all leprechauns. It warm'd me heart to read that.

Lilliah, I be sorry but I can'not give ye me gold or make ye rich.

'ello Lucas! Greetin's to ye ma 'n pa 'n Cayden too!