Blarney's Blog

Alas, me fri'nds, summer 'tis over. Very soon we will have lovely colored leaves gracing the trees.

Yona 'n Merc, thank ye fo' the drawings.

Cheers! Arden.

'ello Morgan!

Paige, the picture in me 'ouse is Brigid, me friend from Ireland.

Cheers! Emma, 'n Elizabeth, 'n Sarah.

Kamry, there already be a bed in me 'ouse.

Cheers! Azaria.

'ello Mason! Thank ye fo' the drawin'.

Cheers! Lelia 'n Ayanna.

Cheers! Liliana.

Max, yes I have taken rides on the train in the Children's Room. 'Tis grand to ride the train. I was 134 on April 21.