Blarney's Blog

Thank ye to ev'ryone who entered the Vacation with Blarney contest. The contest is over now, 'n 'twas grand to see all of ye in me 'ouse.

Mary, I have not been to Long Island. It sounds like a fun place to visit.

Jameson, I don't play with the Lego 'ouse because I do not think me librarian fri'nd Mr. G would like it if I did.

Cheers! Shayleigh

Cheers! Justice. I like ye name too!

Taysha, thank ye fo' ye kind words 'bout me 'ouse.

Katia, I ca'not show meself to ye, but if ye feels a gentle whisper in ye ear, then ye will know 'twas me.

Ava, yes I can read. Reading 'tis one of me very fav'rite things to do. Me fav'rite book is Charlotte's Web.

Cheers! Isabella

Cheers! Samantha

Cheers! Kaitlyn