Blarney's Blog

Top 'o the mornin' ev'ryone! I hope ye are all havin' a good week. Me hopes many of ye will come to the Mother Goose Storytime on Friday. Be sure to bring ye mum 'cause 'tis a Mother's Day theme storytime.

Casey, I will see what I can do 'bout findin' a fake frog fo' me 'ouse.

'ello Alyssa. Me Librarian fri'nds are always happy to help ye with the computers.

Katia 'n Thomas, I love the library 'n I feel very welcome here.

Becca, 'twas so nice to hear from ye again. It has been a while! Thank ye fo' writin'.

'ello again Jefferson!

Cheers! Zach, Carli, Theo, Anya, Mary, George, Elisa, Arie, 'n Lily.