Blarney's Blog

Happy New Year to all me fri'nds! I hope ye all enjoyed the holidays. I have just return'd from a nice visit with me family in Ireland. 'Twas good to see ev'ryone again.

Mary, thank ye fo' the green clover.

Cheers! Natalie, Jacob, Abbie, Audrey, Luke, Mychaela, 'n Maya.

'ello Montana! I don't need a bookshelf in me 'ouse because there be so many in the library!

Thank ye to all me fri'nds that said nice words about me 'ouse and the decorations.

Clay, ye are right...I do play in the library at night! Sometimes I rearrange things on me librarian fri'nds desks. They always seem to know 'twas me!

Ava, thank ye fo' the colored picture.