Blarney's Blog

Top 'o the mornin' ev'ryone! I hope ye are enjoyin' ye summ'r so far. Be sure to stop in fo' all o' the programs the library will have during July 'n August.

To all of ye who have been askin', I do have gold but it be hidden away in secret places. I cannot share it with ye.

Dante, I was just 133 years old on April 21.

Cheers! Josie

Kaidan, I bring water into me 'ouse with a pail that I fill from the sink in the Children's Room bathroom.

To Emily 'n me other fri'nds who have asked about a fake dog in me 'ouse. There is one there. Ye have to look closely to see it.

Cheers! Bryce. Me hopes ye has a good summ'r too.

Taylor, the leprechaun in me 'ouse is a fake one.

Cheers! Jeffrey

Cheers! Nadia. Yes, me thinks it will be a hot summ'r. Do ye swim to stay cool?

Cheers! Lorelei. Me loves ye too.

Cheers! Chrissy

Cheers! Ariel

Gwen 'n Colin, I be three 'n a half inches tall with red hairĀ  'n am 133 years old.

Cheers! Joshua

Cheers! Lydia

Cheers! Stella

Cheers! Thomas

Kourtney, leprechaus do not beli've in keeping pets. I am fri'nds with the forest creatures though.

Cheers! Christina

Someone asked what me favorite color is. Green!