Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'ryone! 'twas so nice to see the birthday card ye all signed for me. Warms me heart to have such grand fri'nds.

Cheers! Kris. Thank ye fo' ye note. Did ye notice ye shoes untied? 'twas me!

'ello Anya! I just cel'brat'd me 133rd birthday on April 21.

Cheers! Tristan

Kaden, if ye look closely at me 'ouse, ye will see a toy dog.

Emilee, we leprachauns are a wee bit shy so we do not show ourselv's to humans.

I be gettin' me coconut boat ready fo' sailin' soon. When the weather is warm enough I be out on the lake almost ev'ry day.

Next week I be away visitin' fri'nds in Australia. I will write to ye again when I return.

Cheers! Have a grand week.