Blarney's Blog

Fall 'tis just about upon us. Have ye notic'd some of the trees changin' color?

So many of you commented on me gumball machine. 'tis grand, indeed.

Katie, ye are special to me too.

Cheers to Judah 'n Mimi. Judah, we leprechauns don't show ours'lves to humans. We be very shy. If ye notices your shoes be untied, then 'twas me just sayin' hello.

One of me friends asked me where I sleep. I sleep in me nice comfy bed in me bedroom. I could sleep fo' days in me wond'rful bed.

Lydia, I did see a grand lookin' black 'n white dog at the stuffed animal sleepover.

Cheers! Carl, Brenna, Amanda, Audrey, 'n Jake.