Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'ryone! Me hopes ye all be enjoyin' ye summer as much as I be enjoyin' mine.

Brooke, ye ask'd many good questions! One of me fav'rite things to do is take me coconut boat out on the lake fo' a nice ride. Me most fav'rite thing to do is read. I loves books. Me fav'rite book is Charlotte's Web. I was just 132 years old this past April. I be 3 1/2 inches tall and wear a lot of green clothes. I be a vegetarian 'n eat a lot of berries 'n roots.

Thank ye to all me friends who said nice things 'bout me house. Me takes great pride in it.

Cheers! Audrey 'n Becca.

Thank ye to ev'ryone who left me drawings.