Blarney's Blog

Good mornin' ev'ryone. Me hopes ye all be enjoyin' the start of ye summer vacation. There be lots 'o summer programs planned at the libr'ry so be sure to stop in.

Reilly, I don't watch a lot of tel'vision. I would much rath'r read a book.

Chloe, isn't the new train grand? I be enjoyin' takin' rides on it.

Hannah, thank ye fo' the nice words 'bout me hous'.

Jada, thank ye fo' ye nice note. Yes, I really be a leprechaun.

Annabell, I be doin' just fine. I am glad to hear ye be doin' fine too.

Sophia, me hopes ye will still visit me durin' the summer.

Taylor, I arriv'd at the library just over a year ago, on me birthday, April 21. That be why ye have not heard of me before that.

Cheers! Mackenzie, Grandma, 'n Daddy

Cheers! Meline, Kate , Connor, Nina, Riley, Meghan, Emily B., Xavier, Lari, 'n Shannon.