Blarney's Blog

'ello ev'eyone! I have just return'd from a trip to me homeland for a family reunion. I visit'd with me ma and da, brothers, sisters 'n many other family members. What a grand time we all had. 'twas so nice to see me family again.

Me good friend Rocky the Racoon has been gatherin' me mail while I was away. Thank ye, Rocky.

Thank ye also to all of me friends that left me lett'rs while I was away. It warms me heart to know how lov'd I be.

Cheers! Becca. Thank ye for thinkin' of me.

Tess, thank ye fo' the birthday greeting.

Cheers! Kaitlyn, Kiera, Shannon, Abby, 'n Carli.

Someone asked when me birthday is. I was 132 years old this past April 21. We had a grand party here at the libr'ry.

<Welcome Casey! 'tis always nice to see new people come to the library. Me hopes you love it here as much as I do.

Azaria, me cannot give ye any of me gold. 'tis hidden away in secret magical spots.

Cheers! Lauren. If ye takes a close look at me hous', ye will see I have a fake dog in one of me rooms.

Rachel, I use a wee bit o' magic to get to the top level of me hous'.

Thank ye Sam 'n Hannah fo' the lov'ly colored drawings.