Blarney's Blog

 'tis such a grand time, these days b'fore Christmas!

You may 'ave noticed that there be no snow 'n the roof o' me hom'. I  'ave put a magical spell upon me hous' to keep the snow off the roof so it doesn't harm the moss.

Ava,  four leaf clov'r's 'tis on' of me fav'rite's. You must have had the luck 'o the Irish with ye when ye found it!

'tis grand to be loved. Cheers! Jaden

Thank ye Mary n' Sam fo' the lov'ly colored pictures. Cheers!

Cheers! Jana Me thinks Santa 'tis grand. I wrote me letter askin' fo' more brilliant letters from me friends 'n more grand times in Liverpool.

Here's hopin' Santa will bring all me friends everything ye wish fo'. Happy Christmas. Cheers!