Blarney's Blog


I've nev'r had so much fun 'n one summ'r befor'. Yesterday, I met Clifford! The Big ol' Red dog himself, 'twas grand. Also enjoyed a lovely piece o' banana.

Abigal, thank ye for ye many lett'rs n' lovely stick'rs.

Anthony, happy belated birthday, I hopes ye's enjoys bein' seven. Cheers!

Thomas be askin' if I 'ave ev'r ridden a magical pony ov'r a rainbow whilst little fairies be blowin' me kisses. - Thomas, I 'ave ridden many a pony, n' spent time inside many a rainbow but I 'ave nev'r experienced what ye describe, sounds wonderful. 

Lily, 'twas no need for me to go on vacation with so many brilliant things to do here. Summ'rs are magical at the library. I saw ye makin' crafts with ye wee sist'r.

Hello to ye, Raven!

Lydia, fairies are friends, not pets. I often 'ave tea with good fairy friends o' mine, Camomile n' Rosehip.

Stephen, 'tis lot's o' places called Rainbow Bridge n' they all truly exist. There 'tis one with Hippogriffs, Unicorns, n' all magical beasts. 'Tis anoth'r one that be the restin' places o' pets when they leave us. 'Tis even Rainbow Bridges 'n the human world too, like the one in Niagara Falls. 

Abby n' Nina, thank ye for the good day n' summ'r wishes.

Kate n' Anthony n' Jonanthan, I love when ye's visits me hous' n' writes me lett'rs.

Kyleigh, 'tis grand that ye likes me bed.

Joseph, I'm a wee shy partly because I'm so small. But I loves when ye writes me n' peaks into me hous'. 

I consid'r ye me friend, Zachregis.

Chloe! 'tis right sometimes I'm sneaky, like when I untie shoes, o' move Ms. Davitt's stickers. 

Thank ye for all ye grand lett'rs. I 'ave so many brillant friends. Many o' ye 'ave sent pictures, I will share these soon. 

Your Pal,