Blarney's Blog

I had a grand time at the sleepov'r. Ye can see me wee sleeping bag. I especially enjoyed the parachute game n' I always love to hear Ms. Sharp sing. Susy 'tis quite the basketball play'r n' Dino 'tis great at colorin'. I thought the cart races 'twere grand n' Pluto had a nose for 'em. Jumps 'tis a brillant storytell'r n' both Pooh Bears give the best hugs. Checkers, Baseball, Dora, Prayer Bear, Teddy, Growly, Birthday Bear, Boo Boo Kitty, n' Squeaker, so many new friends 'tis hard to name them all! 'Twas a grand time indeed.

           me new friends                                                 me sleeping bag