Blarney's Blog

Dear friends,

Thank ye for all ye lett'rs. I've been enjoyin' the busy libr'ry that I haven't been good 'bout respondin'. 

'Tis grand to be loved by someone like ye, Sophie. 

Jennifer be askin' how old I am. Me birthday 'tis April 21st. I 'twas born 'n 1879, I be 131. Jennifer also be askin' what I look like. I'm three n' a half inches tall. I have reddish hair n' a little beard. 

Raven, I can't be turnin' ye family into leprechauns, sorry. 

Quentin, thank ye for all ye lett'rs, so glad ye found me. Thank ye for ye love, too. 

Paula, ev'ry day that I have here with friends like ye is a good day n' thank ye for all the well wishes. I hopes ye is having a good ev'ry day like me.

Elle, so glad ye loves visitin' this libr'ry. 'Tis a grand libr'ry indeed. Please write again.

Emily, ye have a keen eye. Sometimes I be in me chest, snugglin' a blanket. But mostly when I'm about, I be invisible, ye wouldn't know if I 'twere standing next to ye. Ye wants to know me weight? Hmmm. it depends on the time o' year but right now I weight 2 'n 3 quarters o' an ounce.  

Taylor, ye already are a dear friend to me. I often come close to ye when ye visits. I'm invisible but I'm here n' lookin' forward to August 2nd!

Hi to ye lassie, Megan.

I hopes ye writes again, Shoyna.

Ella, I'll think about makin' a short visit on ye house for St. Patrick's Day. 'Tis a busy day for me. Ye will not see me as I be invisible but if ye are real still ye might sense me presence. I do love a good cup o' tea now n' then.

Ben, ye sends me such lov'ly drawin's.

Tess, 'twas grand seein' ye peekin' 'n me house.

Cheers to ye, Nina n' Allison.

Annabeth, Cameron, n' Emma, I be invisible I'm not hidin' well not all the time. I think ye all 're grand, please visit again.

Becca, ye seems to be one of me biggest fans. I hopes ye had a grand birthday!  Me door knob fell off, I'm not sure I want to repair it, I fears that it will just fall off again. I's no needs for it anyway. I hope the Tooth Fairy took ye tooth! 

Abby n' Ben, thank ye for ye lett'rs. I be havin' a grand summer, so many new adventures. I loved the Bubbleman n' the PopArt guy. How's ye summer?

Hi to ye Emma n' Zoey, I likes to swim, too. Sometimes I take a wee swim when I'm sailing me coconut boat. I did not hear abou' the bears bumping their noses underwater.


Ye pal,