Blarney's Blog


Hello to me friends that be sendin' me mail: Aj, Dallas, Riley n' many oth'rs

Taylor be askin' when I made me house and where I be gettin' me materials n' how I gets from room to room. I made me house 'n the month o' show'rs, April. I found materials ev'rywhere, shells at the lake, pebbles, sticks, stones from the gardens, n' pussy willows from me librarian friend Karen. I gets from room to room by usin' the doors or sometimes, a wee bit o' magic.

Someone be askin' what those grey fuzzy things be, they be pussy williow buds, from me pal Karen.

Shawn be askin' me to move more books around. Me thinks I will lay low for awhile, after the media bank incident, I'm tryin' not to make enemies o' any librarians.

Brooke wants to know what I do. I likes to see what people are doin' round the library, n' I loves reading, writing lett'rs, goin' for walks, and makin' furniture. I also love sailing, perhaps you've noticed me new sailboat. I was sent a coconut shell from me cousin Danny. I plan to do a wee bit o' sailing this summer.