Blarney's Blog

I wish to see you someday. I heard that you are magic and secret. It will be fun to see you so I can show my friends Jack, Asley, Joey, Anna, Kobey, and Kari.
Love Lilly

Why R U Hiding?

I wonder where you are are. I want to see you sometime. I love you.
bye for now, Abby
P.S. I hope to see you again soon.

Why don't you ever go in your house? Love, Samantha

Where are you?

Dear Blarney are you a Leprechan and where can I find you? Write back shortly! or ASAP Thanks-

Why won't you come out to let people see you? I would so people could admire me. From Jaida

Hello Leprechaun, I want to meet you sooo bad! 

To the lot of ye, I am grateful for ye lett'rs. I am aroun' just invisible. It 'tis leprechaun law that only our elders get the choice to show themselves to humans. We young'ns are invisible to all humans. Older ones of us sometimes choose to reveal themselves to humans, but rarely so as they loose bits o' their magic 'n don't live near as long as if they stay hidden. But I be here, ye just can't see me. Please keep writin'
Cheers! Ye Pal Blarney.