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War & Terrorism Collection

Gain insight into conflicts, their causes, their impact, and how they are perceived on a global scale.

Sponsored by the "Project For Defense Alternatives", this site provides links to a number of articles with different viewpoints on the Iraq War.

Category:U.S. History

Enter city, state, country, ZIP code or station code for current National Service forcast. For historical reports, bring up a city, scroll down to historical then use drop down menus for month, day & year. Includes ski reports, and radar and satellite imagery.


Ohio State University's resource guide for gardening.

Category:Yard and Garden

Webucator provides many online self-paced courses on Web Development, Microsoft, Adobe, Java and more, completely free for our library cardholders. Click the link to get the Liverpool Public Library voucher code.

Wedding cake history, basic and advanced cake decorating recipes, as well as a variety of wedding resources.


Students helping students to resist the consequences of destructive decisions and to live safe and happy lives.

This site tells you how to hook a converter box to your TV and your antenna, and explains how to troubleshoot your new system. (Remember, if you have cable TV or Direct TV, the DTV transition doesn't affect your TV at all.)

Category:Hot Topics

Browse a list of authors or series names. Find the books in a series listed in order.

Category:Good Reads

What's Next™: Books in Series Database of Kent District Library. Search for adult and youth fiction series by title, author or series.

Want a happy, yet disturbing book that is beautiful, yet bleak? Manipulate the slider controls between extremes to come up with the book of your dreams (of nightmares)! offers descriptions of more than 80 alternative therapies, articles on foods and supplements, and a recipe database.

What you need to know about that strip across the bottom of the desktop screen - it's a shortcut to frequently-used programs, and a navigation aide to your desktop

With user accounts, several people can easily share a single computer.

Video shows how to create a new user in Windows 7. Explains the differences in user account types.

Tutorials from Microsoft on working with files and folders

Documents you create automatically go into the Document Library, not "My Documents". In this tutorial, build a sample folder structure.

Cheat sheet of timesaving tips and advice

Windows 7 training and support from Microsoft

From Goodwill Community Foundation, tutorials to guide users through the many changes Microsoft has made. Covers upgrades, working with the desktop, and using apps.

From Goodwill Community Foundation, a set of tutorials covering Office 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000; SkyDrive; Career; Computers; Google Drive & Docs; Copyright

Training from Microsoft for Office software products

Help and tips from Microsoft

Category:Windows Vista

This “computational, knowledge engine” calculates or searches for information in a broad range of areas such as units and measures, money, weather, math, chemistry, and statistics and data analysis.


Primary documents - browsable by date and subject- cover politics, work, sexuality, reproduction, and race .


Encyclopedia Britannica's site includes articles, primary documents, timelines, audio and video clips on women's history from 1600 to the present.


Harvard University's collections of digitized books, photographs, and manuscripts documenting women's roles in the workplace.


From the Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women's Health, this site offers free information on over 800 women's health topics, as well as tools for quitting smoking, food and dieting, and pregnancy.

Category:Women's Health

Created by Florida Gulf Coast University

Category:Microsoft Word

Listing of new words and phrases as well as old words used in new ways. New words appear daily. Search alphabetically or by subject.

World History Collection

Useful to both the novice historian and to the advanced academic researcher.

World War II topic portion of the eHistory timeline at The Ohio State University.

Category:World History

Search Onondaga County Public Library and beyond.

Searchable news channels categorized by region and topic.

Category:Current Events

Contains links to various forecasts, warnings, severe weather reports, and other information by state and city. Includes international weather, by city or country, ski reports and hurricane information.