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Documents related to the remediation of tributaries that flow into Onondaga Lake.

CNY RPDB is the water quality management agency for CentraL New York. This site has information on watersheds, water quality, storm water management and more.

OCWA's website provides annual water quality reports, pharmaceutical test results, and information on sources of water supply.

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection

Access to 200 journals with perspectives from the scientific community, governmental policy makers, and corporations.

The New York State Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration welcome you to the I-81 Opportunities website, where information about the project for improving the I-81 viaduct in the Syracuse area is regularly updated.

Includes information about environmental regulations, outdoor activities, permits and licenses, educational programs and more.

Information on trash disposal, recycling, composting and hazardous household waste. Annual Reports and budget are online here.

This site, produced by Honeywell, provides access to the company's Sustainable Restoration Plan for environmental remediation of the lake, as well as links to public documents related to the remediation. There is also a form to ask questions and sign up for an e-mail newsletter.

This website provides information about the status of the lake’s water quality, fish and plant life, cleanup efforts, and public involvement. The State of Onondaga Lake Report is available to download.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website provides information on Onondaga Lake's historical background, history of pollution, and clean-up activity.

From the Atlantic States Legal Foundation, this website covers the history of Onondaga Lake, information on contaminants and superfund sites, news, and links to Fact Sheets for Onondaga Lake Sediments.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website lists sites by county. Includes Bloody Brook and Onondaga lake information and updates.

The Three Rivers Access Study, provided on the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council website, focuses on assessing the "overall capacity of County Route 57 in light of possible future redevelopment of Three Rivers Point."

Information about laws and regulations, educational resources, programs, and initiaitives.