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Free, Downloadable Holiday Music

Yes, it’s true – this music is free and downloadable via the Overdrive Digital Media Catalog (also listed in the Polaris Catalog).

Get in the holiday spirit with these recordings:

Celebration of Christmas
(by Handel, Torelli, Bach and Vivaldi)

Christmas Piano Album

Classical Christmas Album

English Madrigals and Songs

Hanukkah & Christmas Celebration Music
(by Holiday Consort)

Holiday Spirit
(Hanukkah & Christmas music by Holiday Consort)

Music of the Italian Renaissance

Sacred Masterpieces of the Renaissance
(Byrd, Gesualdo, Palestrina and Tallis)

To learn more about OverDrive, go to www.lpl.org and click on “Library Catalog,” then “Shortcut connect to JUST the Overdrive Digital Media Catalog.”