Step-by-Step Instructions for Using MediaBank

Check out DVDs * Blu-rays * Music * Games

All you need is your library card and PIN. You can make your selections from the MediaBank collection using the browser stations in the library, or on the web at

We have two MediaBanks in the library. They are named APPLES and ORANGES.
The APPLES MediaBank, located in the Children's Room, contains Kids & Family DVDs and Blu-rays, Music CDs, & Eletronic Games,
The ORANGES MediaBank contains: Feature Films, Documentaries, & Foreign Films.

Items that are checked out from the MediaBank need to be returned to the MediaBank machine inside the library during the library's hours of operation.

  1. Bring your library card.
    • Do you know your PIN? If not, visit any OCPL public library and a library staff member will be happy to help you in the set-up process. It takes only a moment.
  2. Browse the catalog online:
    (Or, use any of the Catalog or MediaBank Reservation stations available in the library.)
  3. Make your selections by clicking on the movie title or picture.
    Click the "Continue" button, then the
    "Place a reservation" button.
    You can reserve up to 7 items at one time. You may only checkout 2 Games at a time.
  4. The confirmation screen will tell you which MediaBank machine houses your selections, APPLES or ORANGES.
  5. You have until closing of the next day to retrieve your item from MediaBank.
  6.  Save paper! Save time at checkout! Have your receipts emailed to you.
    In the MediaBank reservation web site, click the "Home" link (under the Liverpool Public Library banner) and opt-in to email delivery of your check out and check in receipt::
    • Email receipt for check out
    • Email receipt for check ins
    • Both
    • None - no receipt is emailed or printed, but you can always check your list of checked-out items and due dates by visiting the "My Account" tab of

    If you opt-in to email delivery of receipts, your email address as shown in the "My Account" tab of your Onondaga County Public Library Polaris Contact Information will be used by MediaBank to email notices for items checked out and checked in. Email messages will be sent from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  7. Look for the APPLES or ORANGES signs hanging on the MediaBank machines to identify which machine has your previously-reserved items. Insert your library card into the MediaBank.
    • Your previously selected media will automatically come out of the machine.
    • Tap the screen where it is labelled EXIT.
    • That's it! Your items are now checked out on your library card.

    All MediaBank items are due 7 days from checkout. MediaBank items cannot be renewed.

  8. Enjoy your movies, CDs, or games. 

Black plastic media case


  1. Return your items to the machine that dispensed them. Discs from the ORANGES MediaBank have orange color coding on them; discs from the APPLES MediaBank have no color coding. The machine won't accept an item if it doesn't "live" there.
  • Insert you library card into the MediaBank, or tap the "Quick Return" spot on the screen.
  • Follow directions on the screen, waiting for the small door to open and then placing the item, barcode up, on the small white shelf.
  • If you want to confirm that your item was checked in, you have the following options:
    • Set up your account to have receipts emailed to you, as described above.
    • Visit one of the Self Checkout machines in the library, login with your library card and PIN, and tap the "My Account" button to confirm that the returned title is no longer on your library card account.
    • Login to your library account on the Polaris Catalog page, and check the "Items Out" list under the "My Account" tab.

Return items to the MediaBank machine by the due date to avoid fines for late returns

* NOTE: if the library is closed when reservation period ends and you have not picked up your item, you will have to place a new reservation.