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eBook Tutorial Videos from OCPL for NOOK users

From OCPL: How to download software to read library ebooks on your NOOK

From OCPL: How to checkout an ebook from OCPL

From OCPL: How to download epub and pdf ebooks to your NOOK

From OCPL: How to connect your NOOK to Adobe Digital Editions and transfer your ebook to your NOOK

From OCPL: How to return your ebook early using Adobe Digital Editions and your computer



eBook Tutorials and Tips for Kindle users

From OCPL:How to download and transfer library ebooks to your Kindle (illustrates transfer to a Kindle App)

From OCPL:How to return your Kindle ebook early early (uses Manage Your Kindle on

Using the Overdrive Media Console App on your Kindle Fire:

Why would a Kindle Fire user want to use the Overdrive Media Console  App? The primary reason is that you will be able to use the WiFi capabilities of your Kindle Fire to check out and download OverDrive library ebooks and audiobooks without connecting to another computer. The Overdrive Media Console App is the perfect solution for those Kindle Fire owners who want to checkout library books while they are traveling and are not able to connect to their computer.

    • Browse the Onondaga County Public Library OverDrive downloadables catalog through the App on your Kindle Fire.
    • Audiobooks from OverDrive can be downloaded wirelessly onto your Kindle Fire via the OverDrive Media Console App. Choose a title that is in OverDrive MP3 Audiobook format.
    • If you first obtain a (free) Adobe ID, you will be able to download OverDrive Adobe EPUB ebooks. Choose a title that is in Adobe EPUB eBook format.  Use the App to download the title wirelessly to you Kindle Fire, and read the book using the OverDrive Media Console App. Find out how to get an Adobe ID, if you don't already have one.

Find instructions for installing the OverDrive Media Console App on a Kindle Fire: