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OverDrive Digital Media Catalog  - Audiobook Download Help

small-a-e Hundreds of audiobooks you can check out on your library card. These work with Windows and Mac computers and supported wma and mp3 players and iPods. Need help getting started ? It's only a click away!


The OverDrive Digital Download Station is now available in the library. Use the library's database computer to check out OverDrive audiobooks and transfer to your own supported mp3 and wma players .

Chapter a Day
Tune in each day to hear Wisconsin Public Radio readers present the current Chapter A Day™ selection.

Librivox gives voice to works that are in the public domain. Volunteer readers create mp3 files that can be downloaded and heard using your favorite media player.

Project Gutenberg also offers free public domain audiobooks--some with human readers and some with machine-generated ones.