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Welcome to Liverpool Public Library


'ello me fri'nds! 'Twas so grand to see so many of ye comin' in for Summer Readin' Signup. The library has been esp'cially busy the last few days.

Maria, thank ye fo the pencil drawin'.

'ello Gabby! Ye asked some good questions. I use me tools to build things. I built all o' me own furniture. Yes, I like ponies. I like to make me delicious stew in me big pot.

To all o' me fri'nds that ask me to show meself, I cannot do that. 'Tis leprechaun law that only the elders can show themselves to humans.

Emma, 'tis grand to be loved.

'ello Lena! I be so glad that you like the library. Thank ye fo' visitin'.

Cheers! Samhita. Thank ye fo' all o' the lovely drawin's ye left me.

Akshara, your drawin's be quite grand. Thank ye! I enjoyed ye song too!

'ello Lori. I hope ye have a fun summer.

Cheers! Ava. Nice to hear from ye again.

 Ella, thank ye fo' writin'.

Cheers! Sara.

'ello Rebecca 'n Nikki. 'Tis grand to hear from ye again.

Cheers! Sydney.