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What You Need to Know about Microsoft Word for the Mac

icon This handout will help you with the most commonly used Word commands. It is written for Word 2008, the word processing software that we run on the Macs here at the Liverpool Public Library. If you have a later version of Word, or one of the Windows versions, things may look a little different and you might have to hunt around a little, but the basic concepts will still be the same.
You will find more quick reference guides for Microsoft Word on our Explore A Topic Computer Tutorials page.

How the Internet Changes Listening to the Radio

Radio sure has changed a lot since I was a kid. Learn about podcasts, apps like Pandora and streaming music off the internet icon in this handout..

Getting the Most Out of Your iPad

Updated February 2014: Introduced in 2006, Apple’s iPad has become the fastest selling tablet computer of all time, making owners out of people who had previously never seen a need for such a device. In fact, I’m one of those people. I figured that since I already had a MacBook Pro and an iPod Touch, I didn’t need one more thing to schlep around with me. But when I saw some of the things it could do, I changed my mind fast. I’d like to icon share some of these things with you.

Borrowing OverDrive eBooks Using the Sideloading Technique

Updated February 2014: One way of borrowing library eBooks is to sideload books from your own computer to a non-tablet eReader like the NOOK Simple Touch or similar devices from companies like Sony or Kobo. icon This handout will walk you through the process of getting OverDrive books onto your eReader using the sideloading technique.

Borrowing 3M Cloud eBooks Using the Sideloading Technique

icon This handout is for people using “eInk” non-tablet devices like the Nook Simple Touch
the Nook GlowLight, as well as those made by Kobo and others that require you to connect it to the computer to transfer your 3M Cloud downloadable books.