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7th Annual Folk Music Series: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie

adam-miller-webSunday, April 27  •  2pm
Carman Community Room

The 7th Annual Folk Music Series: Protest Music- Songs With Meaning concludes with Adam Miller.

An autoharpist, singer, and storyteller, Adam will focus primarily of the work of American progressive songwriter Woody Guthrie.  Free and open to the public.

Guthrie was an Oklahoman who lived from 1912 to 1967 and who wrote more than a thousand songs by creating clever, modern lyrics which he affixed to traditional melodies. Miller's sing-along program tells the true story of the man who wrote "This Land is Your Land," the best known English-language folksong on the planet.

One of the premier autoharpists in the world, Adam Miller is a renowned American folksinger and natural-born storyteller. An accomplished folklorist, historian, musicologist, and song-collector, he has amassed a remarkable repertoire of over 5,000 songs. Miller accompanies his rich, resonant baritone voice with lively finger-picking acoustic guitar and stunningly beautiful autoharp melodies. A masterful entertainer who never fails to get his audience singing along, he has distinguished himself as one of the great interpreters of American folktales and folksongs, and as a performer who appeals to audiences of all ages.
Traveling thousands of miles each year, Miller has performed in concert halls from the Everglades to the Arctic Circle. www.folksinging.org