Library History

Community partnerships flourished. Library Director Fay Ann Golden served as President of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. Members of the North Side Lionettes donated an Edna reading light to the library for use by patrons with visual impairment. The lighted magnifying glass proved popular over the years.

Public computing was an instantaneous success, and in January a second Apple II+ was purchased and placed in what had been the underused children’s bathroom. The fixtures were removed and the tile walls were padded with carpet. The room was named “Pascal Place” and it offered privacy for computing. Microsoft Works and Data Factory were two of the earliest software applications. Each computer offered 64 megabytes of RAM! A printer was also purchased.

Software titles included educational games like Oregon Trail and fun games like Pong. A fantasy adventure game, The Wizard and the Princess, was very popular among staff on their breaks. Old and young, librarians, pages and security… even visiting family members, worked together to solve the game.

A popular library program was given by area resident Steve Feinberg who worked with
teens and fantasy adventure games like Cranston Manor, Birth of the Phoenix, and Empire of the Overmind.

The budget passed in May with the voters approving a whopping $604,500. There were 1604 “yes” votes and 824 “no” votes. Elected to the Library Board for five year terms were Sharon Fulmer, Dr. N. Donald Boink and Genevieve Pieniazek.

In June the Board approved a proposal to increase the limit of sick days that an employee could accumulate from ninety to two hundred days. This would bring the library more in line with what the school district offered their teachers, and, in essence, would be a form of disability insurance for the employees without the library having to incur additional cost. The policy went into effect on July 1.

June saw the 11th annual Art in the Park featuring the Thornden Morris Dancers as entertainment. According to a report written by Jean Armour the two day event attracted five thousand visitors despite the fact that it was rained out on Saturday. A total of seventy artists participated.

Staff members Jean Armour, Elaine Heller, Anna Foley, Judith Rossoff, Margaret Trinca, Lisa Murphy and Dolores Turcotte were recognized for their contributions to the library by the Board of Trustees.

Late summer saw the arrival of pages Pam Sprague and Robin Oelschlager.

In October Assistant Director Margaret ( Peg) Trinca left the library after eight years to take a position as Product Manager at Gaylord Systems on Morgan Road. Judith Rossoff was promoted to the Assistant Director position and Renee Romance was hired as Head of the Audio Visual Department. Betty Matiskella was hired as a part time reference librarian and appointed to take charge of the Vertical (pamphlet) File formerly managed by Barbara Herrgesell. Barbara was appointed to take charge of the Early Childhood Department.

Other staff changes included the promotion of Cheryl Cornell to be the assistant to Jean Armour and Mickayla (Mickey) Crouse who became a circulation desk clerk. Jerry Everson, formerly a page, became a full time security guard and assistant to Frank Burgess, building custodian.

In November the spaces in the parking area underneath the library were rearranged and the lines redrawn in reverse. The traffic pattern became “clockwise.”

The lot next door to the library ( adjacent to the shoe repair shop) was purchased with an eye toward future expansion.

In December Dr. Harvey Kaiser, Syracuse University, author of the “Great Camps of the Adirondacks ” lectured to almost one hundred people in the Carman Community Room.

In cooperation with the Liverpool Central Schools, the library developed an initiative with the academically gifted fifth and sixth grade students in the DELPHI program. Two teachers, Stan Cianfarano and Mary Nims, brought a group of students to the library on a regular basis. Librarians assisted them with their research projects often helping them to locate academic resources outside of our collection.